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        Celebrating Our 25th!


        Frasers Hospitality makes it easier for you to travel for work, with a wide range of benefits and offers that help you to manage business costs and enjoy complete booking flexibility.

        Travelling for business is a lot different from a holiday, and booking the right accommodation is crucial to ensure a successful and productive trip. With 120 properties in over 70 cities, we offer a comprehensive range of serviced apartments with full facilities and amenities that cater to every corporate need. To make the most of our extensive network, we invite you to join our business travel programme and benefit from special perks, exclusive business travel rates, complimentary WiFi, best rate guarantees and loyalty benefits. The more room nights your company accumulates, the more savings there are to be had.

        One unique feature of our business travel programme is a dedicated company dashboard with secure admin rights, so you can keep track of your reservations and expenses anytime. In addition, membership in this programme gives you access to seasonal offers, events and catering promotions. Let our team of experts organise your meetings or functions and enjoy special rates on venue rentals and gourmet catering for your delegates and guests.

        Fraser World benefits - with a tiered discount scheme and even more hotel deals and privileges - are also yours when you sign up for membership. Indeed, for frequent flyers who want consistent access to quality accommodation and Gold Standard service at competitive rates and hassle-free booking, Frasers Hospitality’s business travel programme is a one stop service that ensures a memorable experience.



        Business Travel FAQ


        What are the requirements for joining Fraser Business Travel Programme?

        Fraser Business Travel Programme is open for companies* which can commit to a travel volume of 50 room nights annually per participating property to enjoy the 10% discount off Best Flexible Rates. If the company is expecting higher volume of room nights across selected/multiple properties, please also indicate these details in the Remark column within the business travel form so that we can review the request and offer the most appropriate commercial deal.

        Is it free to join?

        Yes, it is completely free to join Fraser Business Travel Programme!?

        Are there restrictions with regards to my company’s office location/headquarters?

        No, the Fraser Business Travel account is global and is applicable to companies* worldwide.

        What is Fraser Business Travel Account?

        Fraser Business Travel Account is a secure dedicated portal which offers a secure environment for companies to book any of the Frasers Hospitality properties at negotiated rates. It is designed for clients to have greater 24/7 convenience in managing the reservations. The Company Administrator will be able to view all the bookings made under the company profile, made by different users within the company, while a company user will be able to view and modify his/her own bookings.






        Preserving the environment is an ongoing, crucial challenge and we are in it for the long haul.



        A wealth of benefits awaits when you sign up for membership with us.

        Welcome to our Business Travel Programme

        You’ll be part of an elite group with access to exclusive rates, promotional offers and handy business tools to manage your travel costs.

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