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        Celebrating Our 25th!



        Wherever your destination, whatever your travel needs, Frasers Hospitality offers a collection of distinctive brands to suit your lifestyle. From understated luxury to exuberant social spaces and urban sanctuaries, each brand is designed to appeal to the evolving tastes of business and leisure travellers who seek unique living experiences in exceptional locations.

        Whether you’re a C-suite executive, road warrior, tech-savvy millennial or wanderlust-inspired traveller, Frasers Hospitality ensures that all our property brands are tailored for your specific needs. From design to location, amenities and facilities, each brand possesses a unique DNA that takes into account every lifestyle, demographic and price point.

        Our facilities cater to different groups of guests such as time-starved executives who appreciate the convenience of 24-hour gyms and swimming pools to stay fit. Families have the added convenience of kids’ playrooms to entertain their young ones, while those seeking a respite from the pressures of city life can destress in sauna facilities or purpose-built spas and retreats. For those who relish home-cooked meals, our apartments are furnished with well-equipped kitchens for that very purpose. Add to that, our properties are all located at prime city centre locations close to major businesses and leisure attractions, with easy access to transportation networks. No effort has been spared to create the ideal living experience for our guests, and and no matter what phase of your travelling life you are in, Frasers Hospitality remains your trusted companion every step of the way.

        Fraser Suites offers impeccable accommodation in all the key global gateway cities, centrally located in premium business or residential districts. Exuding quiet luxury and timeless design, each apartment is primed for an extended stay with spacious layouts, sweeping vistas and all the comforts of home, backed by technology that is state-of-the-art yet intuitive to use.

        At Fraser Suites, luxury is in the details and intuitive service is our hallmark.

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        Fraser Suites
        Fraser Residence

        Contemporary living in a calm, tranquil space makes Fraser Residence the perfect urban haven for you and your family right in the heart of the city.
        You’ll find us in key gateway cities, whether in fast-developing technology and commercial districts, or in unique neighbourhoods just steps away from major financial centres. So while you’re close to all the action, we’re designed to provide welcome respite whenever you need it.

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        Make a lifestyle statement in Fraser Place, which embraces cosmopolitan living with fashionable flair, right in the pulse of the city.
        Modern and effortlessly chic, our apartments are your stylish getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. We cater to urban singles or couples, offering an excellent location in key gateway cities with major businesses and leisure attractions nearby, an efficient transportation network, as well as a sanctuary for you to chill out and wind down after a long day out and about.

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        Fraser Place
        Fraser Place

        A hub for #SocialLiving, Capri by Fraser beckons the spontaneous traveller who seeks not a place to stay, but a fresh perspective on life. Our very DNA is framed around the ideals of a new generation for whom work and play are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
        We share your passion for art, design, technology and food. With over 3,000 rooms in 13 gateway cities and growing, we’re making our presence felt in the coolest neighbourhoods with our design and technology-led hotel residences that make you feel at home while staying connected for both business and leisure.

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        At Modena, simplicity is our way of life. We offer a place to contemplate or engage, with communal spaces designed to encourage human connections and warm conversations.
        Located in fast-developing cities, our spaces are equipped with smart technology, home fitness equipment, a kitchenette and calming bedrooms with all you need for a good night’s sleep. We’re all about living a life that’s mindful of the world around us, limiting clutter and focusing on what really matters.

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        Fraser Place

        Dare to be different at Malmaison, a collection of boutique heritage hotels that embrace individuality and the pursuit of unique lifestyle experiences. We are located in iconic buildings with a rich, colourful history and delightfully eclectic yet beautifully styled rooms that each tell a story. We’re not just a place to stay, but a key to an unforgettable journey.

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        For the quintessential British hospitality experience, look no further than Hotel Du Vin, which is famed for classic and elegant hotels in beautiful scenic locations. We have a passion for fine dining and wine, reflected in our restaurants and bistros which harness the best of local produce and feature exceptional culinary flair.

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